Whole Home Humidifiers, Your Best Defense During Cold and Flu Season

February is a monumental month; it’s the shortest month of the year, it’s the month where Punxsutawney Phil predicts the weather and typically it’s the last month of winter.  According to the CDC, February is also the tail end of the peak of the cold and flu season.  Cold air mixed with low humidity allow both the cold and influenza virus to survive and be transmitted at an increased rate.  You can’t control the frigid air outside your home but you can improve air quality and humidity inside your home.  Keep reading to learn why whole home humidifiers are your best defense during cold and flu season.

Dry Air Damage: Home and Health

  • During the winter months the exterior of your home feels the pressure of the cold air outside and the interior of your home becomes dehydrated from the dry air inside.  Low humidity inside causes wood floors to dry out, paint to crack or chip, causes interior walls to splinter, and can have a negative effect on electronics.
  • Low humidity in the circulating air that you breathe will have adverse effects on your health.  Some of these effects include: dry and scratchy throat, irritated skin, increase in skin rashes, dry nasal passages, bloody noses and increased asthma or allergy symptoms.
  • Despite what your grandmother tells you, you do not catch a cold or the flu from being outside in cold air.   The common cold and influenza viruses thrive in low humidity environments, making transmission as easy as breathing in.  On a side note, washing your hands every once in a while is also quite helpful in fending off illness.

Why a Whole Home Humidifier?

  • Installing a whole home humidifier is not only the best defense against the cold and influenza virus, but it also can help reduce your energy costs.  Dry air typically feels colder, leading you to turn up your thermostat.  Increased moisture in the air will allow you to set your thermostat lower and still feel warmer.
  • A whole home humidifier is installed directly onto your central heating and cooling system and uses water from the plumbing system to distribute moisture via the ductwork to your entire home.  Humidity levels are easily monitored with a humidistat because too much humidity is just as harmful as too little.
  • Whole home humidifiers are more convenient than portable humidifiers in several ways.  No cleaning or disinfecting is necessary as well as never having to fill it with water.  Just set the humidity level and forget about it.

There is no reason to live in a low humidity environment that causes dry skin, dehydrated wood floors, and harbors the cold and influenza virus.  A professional grade whole home humidifier can be installed by our certified Kansas City HVAC technicians.  Your home and your health will thank you.  Install a whole home humidifier, the best defense against the cold and flu season.