When to Replace Your Air Conditioner: Common AC Problems Explained

It is now July in Kansas City, the middle of summer, and having a fully functioning air conditioner is essential to happiness.   We answer many phone and service calls based on this statement, “I think it might be time to replace my air conditioner,” and in July that’s an emergency. I wish that I had an absolute time line answer with a checklist that as a consumer you could utilize to help make the decision, but I do not.  Instead, keep reading this blog to unveil some common AC problems and when to replace your air conditioner. 

Common Problem #1Your House Takes Forever to Cool Down:  If you feel that your house takes forever to cool down or it never was cool to begin with then your AC unit might be low on refrigerant (which is also known as Freon).  Refrigerant is your AC units lifeline as it helps to absorb the warm air.  On occasion there is an improper charge of the refrigerant or a leak in the line causing your unit to work double time without producing cold air.  Replacing refrigerant multiple times is not cost effective or the answer to the reoccurring problem.   If this is the case, it might be time to replace your air conditioner.  

Common Problem #2:  Increased Utility Bill:  A dramatic increase in your utility bill during the summer months may mean more than you think.  Your air conditioner may not be working efficiently which almost always equals increased utility bills.  Some common reasons for inefficiency are low refrigerant, poorly maintained unit parts, malfunctioning compressor fan, dirty filters and/or coils or your unit has a low Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio number (the amount of energy needed to produce a cool output.)  All of these things will decrease your units efficiency, not cool your home, and increase your utility bill. 

Common Problem #3:  Frequent and Costly Repairs:  Unfortunately, air conditioning units do not age gracefully.   The majority of units are built to last 10-15 years and with proper maintenance should be able to do their job for that time period.  After that though, you may notice that even with maintenance your house is never cool, your utility bills seem higher every summer, and you require multiple technician visits a season, then it is probably time to replace your air conditioner.

 Even with these common AC problems explained, when to replace your air conditioner is not an easy decision.  If you have experienced any of the above AC problems, your best bet is to contact a Kansas City HVAC repair professional to diagnose the problem(s) and find a solution.  Blue Heating and Cooling offers a range of brands and products to fit any size or budget to help avoid the new air conditioner cost gloom.  We pride ourselves on timely service to help you avoid all July AC problem emergencies.