Ways to Keep your House Cool Without the Air Conditioner

Remember last month when the entire KC metro area was drowning in daily rain and all you wanted was a sunny day?  Apparently, it’s either feast or famine because the first day of summer just passed and the weather forecast is complete with high temperatures, high humidity, and no rain.  While I am a proponent of having and maintaining your air conditioner, there are ways to keep your house cool without the air conditioner and they actually work.

  1. Keep the Heat Out! As wonderful as natural light is, summer is the time to keep your curtains and blinds closed.  This is not the blog to discuss window quality and the related U-factors, but ordinary windows are merely a barrier to the outside and heat passes through the windows whether you want it to or not.  Keeping the curtains and blinds closed will add one more layer of heat blocking defense to keep your house cooler.   If you are an East/West facing home, considering applying a heat absorbent tint or film to help with the sunrise and sunset.
  1. Fire Up Those Fans:  If you want to keep your house cool without the air conditioner in the Kansas City heat, you are most likely going to need a fan.  Adjust ceiling fans to rotate counter clockwise to assist in pulling hot air up and pushing cool air down, turn on bathroom and over the stove fans (if they vent outside) to suck hot air out, and use electric fans to create a cross-breeze to keep you cool.
  1. Limit Appliance Generated Heat:  Preheating your oven to 400 degrees and cooking a casserole is so two seasons ago…limit oven use during hot days to a bare minimum.  Fire up the grill or the crockpot even!  Also, limit washer, dryer and dishwasher use to the cooler parts of the day or evening, believe it, or not these appliances generate extra humidity.
  1. Temperature Control:  If the air outside is cooler than the air inside at night open your windows to let the cooler air in.  If you are feeling extra savvy, create that cross breeze using electric fans to push the warm out of the open windows.  An important thing to remember is to close the windows as soon as you wake up…for obvious reasons.
  1. Think Cool.  Act Cool.  Be Cool:   A known fact is that hot air rises, so if you have a basement – use it.  Dress appropriately, stay hydrated and consume cold foods.  By thinking and acting cool, you’ll be cool and your house will feel cool without the air conditioner.

Yes, Kansas City is miserably hot during the summer months and sometimes it feels like there is no end in sight.   Blue Heating & Cooling is here for you if you need help with your air conditioner, but if you don’t have one or just don’t want to use it, keep these tips in mind when trying to keep your house cool without the air conditioner.  Thanks for reading!