The Solution for Sandpaper Skin: The Whole Home Humidifier

Itchy, dry skin? Blame the cold, winter, air! Low humidity levels outside translate to dry air inside and that can cause an array of concerns. In addition to the itchy skin, you could experience dry nose, sore throat, aggravated allergy and asthma systems. If you have cold or flu, a dry home will only make your symptoms worse. Don’t suffer when there is an easy and cost effective solution.

Whole home humidifiers are installed directly on your current heating unit. Water passes through the humidifier and vapor is distributed through your home using the fan inside your furnace or air handler. The amount of humidity can even be controlled with your thermostat!

Compared to a portable humidifier, whole home humidifiers are the way to go! There is no refilling the water, and they don’t require daily cleaning or disinfecting. Plus, there is no standing water to encourage the growth of microbial organisms.

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