The Benefits of Power Humidifiers

Winter is officially here and the cold air outside translates into the dry air inside your home.  A low humidity environment causes dry skin, dehydrated floors and harbors the cold and influenza virus.  Whole-home humidifiers are convenient, easy to install by qualified HVAC technicians, and have low operating costs; it is a win-win solution.  Power humidifiers are a type of whole home humidifier and are a preferred choice for homeowners.  Power humidifiers are personally one of my favorites, continue reading to learn more about the benefits of power humidifiers.

Power humidifiers utilize a “power” fan to force air across the water panel in your furnace to produce increased humidity, which is distributed via the ductwork in your house.  Because a power humidifier does not require a bypass duct to operate, minimal electricity is required.  These systems are small and efficient and can be installed on most HVAC systems.  A humidistat monitors the moisture in the air and can be adjusted as needed but typically is set according to the season.

The benefits of power humidifiers include:

  • Personal Health:   According to the, your homes measured humidity should range between 30-50 % for maximum health benefits.    Low humidity or dry air typically exacerbates dry skin conditions, allergy symptoms, and asthma.  The cold and flu viruses thrive in low humidity environments allowing them to survive and be transmitted despite the usage of hand sanitizer.  With a power humidifier installed, the air will be easier to breathe along with a little relief from itchy skin, dry noses, and cracked lips.
  • Home Health:   Dry air is not only negative for your personal health but also your home’s health.  Low humidity air triggers paint to chip, seams to separate or crack and wood floors to contract.  A benefit of having a power humidifier installed is that as a homeowner, you are able to set and monitor the humidity level relative to your home and comfort level.  A well-maintained humidity level will allow the interior surfaces of your home to remain at a constant level despite the season of a year.
  • Lower Electric Bill:   Low humidity or dry air feels colder and is often referred to as relative humidity.  A lower relative home humidity typically means improper use of your programmable thermostat.  You feel cold so you increase your house temperature enough to put your furnace in overdrive which equals higher electric bills.  A power humidifier will help the air feel warmer by generating a constant humidity level in your home, allowing the programmable thermostat to do its job.
  • Convenience:  Power humidifiers do not require any cleaning or disinfecting and once set only need to be adjusted if you want.

The benefits of power humidifiers encompass your personal and home health as well as your pocketbook.  There really is no reason to live in a low humidity environment and the benefits of a power humidifier cannot be ignored.  A professional grade power humidifier can be installed by our certified Kansas City HVAC technicians at any time on most HVAC systems.  Give us a call if you have questions, need further descriptions, or want to schedule a consultation appointment.   We hope your family has a happy holiday season full of fun, family and warmth.