Simple Steps to Winterize Your Air Conditioner

Fall has arrived and the time has come to winterize your air conditioner and wake up your furnace.  In past blogs, I have talked a lot about annual preventative maintenance of both your air conditioning unit as well as your furnace.  Clean and check the maintenance of both units helps to ensure seasonal comfort in your home plus save you money.  Outside of what our professional HVAC technicians can do, you can also follow these simple steps to winterize your air conditioner.

  1. Clean:   Before any cleaning takes place, locate the outside power switch and turn the unit off.  Enlist family members to help remove any debris that has gathered around the unit itself.  Wandering debris can make its way into the unit, potentially creating mechanical issues when you are ready to use it again in the spring.  After all debris is removed, hose the unit down.  No soap, just water.
  1. Cover:   There are two thoughts here, wrap the entire unit with a tarp or just cover the top.   Whichever method you prefer, do it!  Protecting the inside of your air conditioning unit from the winter elements as well as keeping the fall leaves out will only benefit you in the spring.

What did I tell you?  Simple steps, right?  At Blue Heating and Cooling, we offer comprehensive annual preventative maintenance for both your air conditioner and your furnace and if you need a little extra help to complete these simple steps to winterize your air conditioner, let us know.  We’ll be glad to help.