Programmable Thermostats–explained

This winter has been a little frantic with the temperatures going up and down and up and down. It’s hard to get into the full swing of Winter when it’s potentially going to be 60 degrees out one day and 20 degrees the next.

All of this fluctuation is hard on a lot of things–and your energy bill is no different. Trying to heat and cool your home when the outside weather is being unpredictable can be really difficult–which is why we are putting the spotlight on the benefits of a programmable thermostat.

Standard rheostats are really good at keeping your home at a specific temperature–but in the event that the 5-day forecast is calling for sunny and 50’s one day and snow and -10 the next, it can be really difficult to use them to keep your home comfortable. Plus, who has time to always be checking your thermostat to make sure it’s not over or under heating or cooling your home? Also, how many times have you left for work thinking that the weather was going to do one thing and it ended up doing the other?

With a device like this one from Honeywell, you could literally set your thermostat up with the 7-day forecast and walk away. If the weatherman is wrong (and c’mon, how many times are they ever right these days?), you can log in from a mobile device, tablet or computer and change the temperature to fit the weather. No more wasting valuable dollars unnecessarily heating your home or coming home to a freezing cold house!

Some reports indicate that a programmable thermostat could save you up to $180.00 on your standard heating and cooling bills. How nice would that be?

In our next post, we’ll discuss some of the thermostats that we provide and install and show you the pros and cons of each of them. Stay tuned!

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