Product Highlight: Lennox iComfort® Thermostat

I am always writing about the awesome powers of programmable thermostats and so I thought I would spotlight a particular product; the Lennox iComfort® Thermostat.  The Lennox iComfort® Thermostat can be considered as state of the art in the smart technology space.

In the iComfort® series, there are two models, iComfort S30® Smart Thermostat and the iComfort® Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat, that are uniquely designed to be compatible with your current HVAC system or as part of the preferred Lennox® Ultimate Comfort System™.  On a side note, to be smart, your home will need Wi-Fi and if you want to control it remotely, you will need a smartphone, tablet or other web-enabled devices.

Technology Highlights:

iComfort S30® Smart Thermostat has various features that are meant to take the guesswork out of your home’s indoor environment.  These smart features include:

→Detecting when you leave or come home through GPS on your smartphone and adjusts your home’s temperature to the pre-set program.

→Monitors outdoor allergens according to your zip code and automatically adjusts the fan to improve the indoor air quality.

→Maintains your perfect temperature by assessing outdoor temperature, indoor temperature, and indoor humidity.

→Alerts you if there is a problem or if you need to change the filter.

iComfort® Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat keeps you connected in more ways than one.  These smart features include:

→Guarantees a .5° range of your desired temperature.

→Acts as a personal weather forecaster; displaying a 5-day forecast as well as weather alerts.

→A touchscreen enables you to communicate when you are leaving and when you have returned, allowing your home’s temperature to return to your desired level of comfort.

→Insert your own snapshot as a screensaver; a personal touch that rises above and beyond.

The above highlights are more like the icing on the cake.  If you’d like to learn more about the Lennox iComfort® Thermostat series or the Lennox Ultimate Comfort System™, you can visit or give us a call because let’s be honest, I could talk about icing on the cake all day long.