Product Highlight GPS 2400 Air Purifier

Before we started our family business, I didn’t pay much attention to heating and cooling units, programmable thermostats or indoor air quality in any building I was in.  That stuff comes with the territory now.  After I had children, providing a safe indoor and outdoor environment became a top priority and believe or not, indoor air quality (IAQ) is a big piece of that.  Indoor air pollutants including dust, pet dander, bacteria and pollen can be removed by your HVAC air filter with a MERV rating of 4-12, but there are other airborne irritants, viruses, and bacteria that float around your house.  This week, I would like to highlight the GPS 2400 Air Purifier and its benefits to creating a cleaner and healthier IAQ. 


Global Plasma Solutions 2400 Air Purifier removes all airborne pollutants, harmful pathogens, as well as odors from cooking, fireplaces or smoking.   This purifier fits inside any system and functions by producing cold plasma in the airstream which treats the inside of the air conditioning equipment and ductwork.  The cold plasma purifies the entire home when the fan is on as well as keeps the equipment clean. 


Why Cold Plasma?  Cold plasma is the result of bi-polar ionization or oppositely charged hydrogen and oxygen ions.  The cold plasma reduces airborne pollutants, breakdowns gasses, and kills bacteria and viruses.

Energy efficient?  Yes.  The GPS 2400 Air Purifier’s use very little electricity and have passed the UL 87 Ozone Chamber Test aka they don’t produce ozone.

What is the maintenance?  After installation there is very minimal maintenance required and has a 3-year product warranty.

How long does it take to install?  Because of the size and ease of fitting inside any system, the time required to install by a licensed contractor is less than an HVAC maintenance appointment.


Creating a healthy environment for the ones we love is always a priority.  Adding a GPS 2400 Air Purifier to your home’s HVAC system will help you to enjoy a healthier and cleaner indoor environment in every season.  Our qualified and licensed technicians are here to help you decide if the GPS 2400 Air Purifier is right for your home.   Call Blue Heating & Cooling today for a consultation.