Use Blue Heating and Cooling, an Energy Sense Preferred Professional, and qualify for an instant Kansas City HVAC rebate up to $300 on a new furnace.

The programmable thermostat rebate is only available when it is installed simultaneously with a qualifying furnace or boiler. Limit 2 furnace/boiler rebates per home.

Rebate Requirements:

  • Installed appliance must utilize natural gas
  • You must be an active MGE customer
  • Final bill or inactive accounts are ineligible
  • Businesses must use 10,000 CCFs of natural gas or less annually to qualify
  • Builders, developers and landlords are eligible to receive rebates for qualifying, natural gas water
  • heaters and central heaters installed.

Learn more about the Kansas City Rebate here

What is an AFUE rating?
The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating (AFUE), is the standard measure of a gas furnace or boiler’s efficiency in converting fuel to energy. The higher the rating, the more efficient use of fuel, For example, a 90% AFUE rating means that 90% of the fuel used offers warmth for your home and 10% escapes with the exhaust.