Kansas City Summer Fun:  10 Kid Approved Activities

Summer is just around the corner and I can feel the buzz of excitement radiating off of every kid in town.  Kansas City summer fun comes in so many packages and I feel the city is literally bursting at the seams, waiting to be explored over the summer months.   Below are 10 kid-approved activities that help us to beat the heat, cheer on the hometown, and just enjoy summer.

  1. Royals.   A hot dog is just a hot dog unless you eat it at the ballpark and then it becomes the best dinner ever.  Kauffman Stadium is extremely family friendly, offering multiple amenities to please kids and adults of all ages and is unquestionably number 1 on our list for Kansas City Summer Fun.   Friday night fireworks began on May 13 and are every Friday throughout the summer.
  1. Kansas City Zoo: The Kansas City Zoo is always a fun adventure.  We definitely miss Nikita, but love the Penguins, Orangutans, and the African Sky Safari.  There is an awesome “Nocturnal Safari” that I might be brave enough to try this year with the kids.  Either way, the Kansas City Zoo is a top 10 kid-approved activity.
  1. Ice Cream & Shaved Ice: While this one could be two different categories, I grouped them into one because nothing tastes better than ice cream or shaved ice on a hot Kansas City day. Classic custard from Sheridan’s or my personal favorite, a dripping cone at home after dinner with a walk around the block.  Shaved ice is also a Lundberg kid approved summer fun activity.  We typically hit up the nearest shaved ice truck to try the newest flavors or make up our own.
  1. Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun:   We spend a lot of time splashing near the pirate ship and leisurely floating down the lazy river at Oceans of Fun.  We are almost ready to test our vocal cords on the Patriot and Mamba, but until then we will continue to enjoy Snoopy Land… and still maybe scream a little.
  1. Schlitterbahn: If you’re in the mood for pure water park fun then Schlitterbahn is the place to go and I love that you can bring your own picnic inside the park.  Maybe if you’re lucky, you can catch a T-Bones or Sporting KC game on the way out.
  1. Starlight: I would love to see a show on Broadway, but traveling to the big apple to see one isn’t going to happen this summer.   We loved last season’s production of Annie at The Starlight Theatre and are looking forward to Beauty and the Beast in July.
  1. Drive in Movies: I have the fondest memories of homemade popcorn in a paper grocery bag, sitting out under the stars, and the small radios that would project the sound at our local drive-in theatre.  While technology has changed a little, creating this summer memory is a “must” on our Kansas City Summer Fun list and we even waited to see Jungle Book at the drive in until school was out.
  1. Soccer: I have to admit that soccer is somewhat of a newer interest to our family.  However, because this blog is centered on Kansas City Summer Fun, I thought I’d add a few things we want to try out.   There are 3 major soccer teams within driving distance, Sporting KC, Swope Park Rangers and FCKC women’s team and we are excited to get to know these home teams and make cheering them on a kid approved activity this summer.
  1. KC Streetcar: We were very excited for the KC Streetcar’s debut earlier this month and are adding riding it somewhere to our Kansas City Summer Fun to do list.
  1. Count stars and catch fireflies. Need I say more?

Kansas City is a mecca for summer fun and it was very difficult to limit this list to just 10 kid-approved activities.  I hope you have enjoyed reading our summer fun list and maybe even discovered a few new ideas.  Our family at Blue Heating and Cooling hope that your summer starts off with a bang and is full of Kansas City Summer Fun.