HVAC: Hot Tips for a Cool Summer-to-Fall Transition

The weather is starting to change, so here are a few hot tips to help your HVAC make a cool transition from summer to fall:

Shut the Shades
If your house gets a lot of direct sun, try closing your blinds, shades and curtains in the morning. Not only will it keep your house at a more consistent temp but also will help save energy (and dough!). About 25% of heating and cooling energy can be lost through window panes, so closing the shades is always a great energy saver, regardless of the season! Plus it won’t take as much energy or time to cool your house when you get home.

Tap Your Fans
Turn down your A/C settings and turn on your ceiling and attic fans. At night, turn off your A/C, open your windows and let your fans do the cooling when temperatures are mellowing out. Not only does this combo create a nice cross-breeze, but it allows your house to cool down, air out and smell fresh!

Trim the Green
After a long summer of growth, make sure the landscape around your unit hasn’t taken over. It’s important to keep your outdoor unit free and clear of shrubs, plants and debris.

Check Your Tech
Your HVAC unit should get preventative maintenance at least twice a year. Going from summer to fall, it’s always smart to have your A/C inspected as hot weather winds down and your heating unit inspected before the cold weather hits! It will save you heartache and headaches if your unit is working at full capacity before you actually need it!

If you’re not sure about how to transition your HVAC unit or when, just give us a call. We’ll answer any of your questions and/or schedule a visit.

We’re here to make you and your family always feel comfortable!