Itchy skin, dry nose, respiratory irritation? Consider a whole home humidifier.

As cold winter air enters your home and is heated by your furnace, moisture is zapped from the air and results in low humidity. Low humidity can not only cause discomfort, but can also aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms and increase the chance of catching cold or flu viruses.

What a Whole Home Humidifier can do for you

A professional grade whole home humidifier is installed by our qualified Kansas City HVAC technicians directly on your central heating and cooling system. Water vapor created by the humidifier using water from your plumbing system is distributed to your home through the ductwork system. A humidistat monitors the humidity levels and adjusts as needed so your home always has the right amount of moisture in the air.

A whole home humidifier is more convenient than a portable unit. The water is supplied directly through plumbing so you never have to fill it and you don’t have to worry about it running dry. Unlike portable humidifiers, a whole home humidifier does not require cleaning and disinfecting and there’s no risk of microbial growth due to standing water.

With low initial installation costs and operating costs that are easy on your pocketbook, there’s no reason to live with sandpaper skin any longer. Call today for details and pricing.