How to Tell if Your Home Thermostat is Bad

The invention of the programmable home thermostat was one of the best things to happen to HVAC systems, in my opinion.  Programmable thermostats are small but mighty pieces of your HVAC unit’s efficiency or inefficiency for that matter.  If your home maintains a comfortable temperature, your home thermostat is probably functioning.  But, how do you tell if your home thermostat is bad?  Keep reading to find out.

Just to review, your home thermostat is what you use to set or control the temperature for both the heating and air conditioning.  Modern thermostats are primarily digital and once set to the desired home temperature they monitor, maintain, or adjust with warm or cool air as needed.  If properly functioning, your home will stay within a few degrees of the desired temperature, your air or heat will not be constantly running, and your energy bill will not be outrageous.   If you experience the exact opposite of what I just said then you may have an issue with either your HVAC unit or the thermostat.

How to tell if your home thermostat is bad?  

  • **It appears to be common practice to YouTube anything and everything in an attempt to fix it yourself, but fidgeting with electrical components is not a novice skill and not what we would advise you to do.**
  • Do you have a mercury switch or analog thermostat?  If so, it is quite possible your home thermostat is bad.  Like HVAC systems, thermostat’s do not age gracefully and it may be time to replace.
  • **Turn off the power of your HVAC system** Remove the thermostat cover and visually inspect wire connections, and dirt buildup.  If you suspect any electrical issues, call us!  If it appears to be mainly dirt build up, you can use a can of air to blow dirt out.
  • Check circuit breaker and restart if necessary.
  • Check the internal battery (consulting the owner’s manual) and replace if necessary.
  • There are a few more steps in determining if your home thermostat is bad that include electrical components that I won’t discuss in this blog.  However, if you are an experienced DIY’er, consult your thermostat owner’s manual for detailed instructions specific to your thermostat brand.

Our qualified technicians at Blue Heating and Cooling are here to help you determine if your home thermostat is bad vs. an HVAC issue.  We pride ourselves on timely service so your thermostat or HVAC until will be up and running in no time.