High Efficiency HVAC Installation Process

According to the Department of Energy, a home’s heating and cooling system can account for nearly 50% of the energy use.  That means that half of your energy dollars spent each month are dependent on a well maintained and functioning HVAC unitAlong these same lines, in 2015 the Department of Energy announced the largest efficiency standard in history for both commercial and residential products, creating a need for homeowners to upgrade.  If you are ready to upgrade your standard HVAC unit, awesome!  But keep reading as understanding the high-efficiency HVAC installation process is an important piece of this investment.

Why is the installation process different with a high-efficiency HVAC unit?

  • High-efficiency units are meant to use less fuel, convert more energy from gas to heat/cool air and lower utility bills.  In a nutshell, there are more moving parts.  High-efficiency HVAC units have two ventilation pipes to accommodate both the outside air intake as well as to remove the exhaust created.  If replacing a standard unit with a high-efficiency HVAC unit, then
  • High-efficiency HVAC units require a drainage system to be installed because they remove moisture from inside the system.
  • High-efficiency HVAC systems and ducts need to be sized correctly.  Both oversized and undersized negate the high-efficiency aspect as energy is wasted with constant running and temperature fluctuation.

Prior to any high-efficiency HVAC Installation:

  • It is important to identify licensed, qualified, and insured professionals to complete the job.
  • At Blue Heating and Cooling, we believe in getting to know our customers, offering fair pricing and performing quality work over anything else.  As a customer, you can expect a thorough process both pre and post installation of any HVAC unit.  We will make sure you purchase the right brand/model to fit your needs, understand the efficiency of both your old and new unit and are knowledgeable of the step by step procedure of the high-efficiency HVAC installation process.  After installation, it is important to us to know if we succeeded in meeting your needs, and length of install, and if there was anything unusual about the installation process.
  • Blue Heating and Cooling delivers elite HVAC services for both residential and commercial customers.

What our customers had to say: 

I referred my neighbors to you last year! You were highly recommended, and I pass your name onto others who are in need of HVAC! A trustworthy company goes a long way!

Tracey B.

Gladstone, MO

Just had our new system installed and works perfect. Thanks so much! We have never felt comfortable in our own home and as soon as we cranked up the new system, there was an immediate difference! I will be recommending you to everyone.

Lucas R.

Kansas City, MO

It’s funny, when your HVAC is fixed, how much you really appreciate the fact that it’s fixed and working. Blue Heating and Cooling is awesome.

Chris S.

Mission, KS