We understand how important heat is especially on those cold, winter Kansas City nights. That’s why we receive and respond to furnace repair service calls at all hours of the day or night, and we have Kansas City HVAC repair technicians on call 7 days a week.

We care about the comfort that a furnace brings your family

Our professionals will respond to your request, diagnose the problem, and make the necessary repairs to get you warm again. Our vans are fully stocked with replacement parts and we are experienced in repairing all makes and models. Call, email, or text us to schedule an appointment before the frost settles in your living room.

Common furnace problems

  • Lack of maintenance is the most common cause resulting in furnace repair. Not properly maintaining your unit can result in clogged or dirty filters leading to reduced air flow and ultimately decreased heat output. Besides, changing filters, furnaces should also be checked yearly by a certified technician. Annual maintenance includes cleaning the burners, lubricating the motor, oil the fan and blower, check for carbon monoxide and inspect all components of the unit.
  • Thermostat issues are a common reason for heating repair. Sometimes the problem is as simple as re-programming the device, but other times the equipment is faulty. This device might seem small, but it’s job of telling the furnace how much heat to provide is big.
  • Pilot light is one of the first things you should check if your furnace stops running. It is common for a pilot light to go out and re-lighting is a simple fix. However, a pilot light that is continually going out is an indication of a part that needs replaced.
  • Ignition Control Problems – If the heat does not come on as it should, you may have a problem with your furnace’s ignition control. This is a simple furnace repair as well as a common one.