Common Home Heating Myths

The list of common home heating myths is too long to cover in one short blog, so for that reason, this list will be condensed to the top four. The thing I love most about common home heating myths is that they are easily cut down to size and turned into home heating facts.

Common Home Heating Myth #1:  Purchasing EnergyStar rated windows will fix all problems.

  • Fact:    While purchasing EnergyStar rated windows does improve your home’s energy efficiency and ability to retain heat, they are not the only answer and can carry an expensive upfront cost. Applying outdoor rated caulking to windows and doors as well as using draft stoppers under doors will help block cold air from entering and warm air from leaving.   Also, adding extra insulation to your home, with the help of a professional, will provide another barrier to warm air escaping and cold air from sneaking in. According to, EnergyStar.Gov, adding extra insulation in conjunction with air sealing, a homeowner can save up to $200 per year on energy costs.

Common Home Heating Myth #2: Ceiling fans should only be used to cool your home.

  • Fact: Ceiling fans are there to assist both the air conditioner and furnace.  Proper use will help cool or heat the room.  Simply switching the blades to run clockwise in the winter will push the rising warm air back down, making the room and the people in it feel warmer.

Common Home Heating Myth #3:   Because you have a programmable thermostat, you are destined to save money and stay warm.

  • Fact:  Yes, programmable thermostats are fantastic; however, operator efficiency along with remembering the season are key. recommends decreasing the temperature up to 8 degrees when out of the home for long durations as well while sleeping.   Cranking the temperature up when you arrive home from work will not heat your home faster and in fact, will waste more money and energy than it is worth; wait for your furnace to do its job. While you are waiting, put on a sweater and slippers – it is cold outside.

Common Home Heating Myth #4:  HVAC tune-ups should be scheduled every other year.

  • Fact:  Annual maintenance completed by a certified technician is your HVAC’s primary defense.  A clean, well-adjusted furnace increases its efficiency which equals money saved while staying warm.

I hope this blog has shed a little light on the four most common home heating myths.  Winter is in full swing and it is our priority at Blue Heating and Cooling to keep you warm and cozy on these cold Kansas City nights.  Whether you need basic maintenance or just need help to dispel a common home heating myth, give us a call, we’ll be happy to help.