Can Air Conditioners Cause Headaches?

I was asked an interesting question the other day by one of our customers, “Can air conditioners cause headaches?”   Headaches are just plain irritating and if you are like me, they can sometimes ruin an entire day.    My headaches are caused by the same thing as most people: fatigue, stress, lack of caffeine and noise to name a few.  However, I did think that this was such a great question that I wanted to highlight it in one of this month’s blog post.

  • Dehydration:

Air conditioners not only cool the air, but also take the humidity out of it, dehydrating your skin and sinuses.  This feeling is typically reserved for the cold winter months, but if you should experience it during the summer, it may be a culprit of your headache.

Simple Solution: Drink more fluids.  Avoiding physical dehydration in a dry (cool or hot) environment will help stop headaches in their tracks.  On somewhat of a larger scale, ask us about a whole home humidifier.  The benefit will be felt during every season.

  • Excessive Temperatures:

When the temperatures outside soar above 95 degrees and the inside temperature of your home is a chilly 65 degrees, it can be considered an excessive temperature change. We all know what it feels like to have an ice cream brain freeze, blood vessels tighten and you feel like the pain will never stop…that is until you breathe in a little warm air.

Simple Solution:  Avoid the excessive temperature range.  I know it feels good to be in a cool house on a hot day, but increase the temperature on your thermostat 4-5 degrees to try and stop the brain freeze effect. This may save a few energy dollars next month too.

  • Indoor Air Quality:

If you haven’t jumped on my “annual maintenance” bandwagon yet, now is the time to do it.  Ideally, air conditioners improve the air quality inside your home, but there is a few surprising places mold can hide and live inside your HVAC unit.  Along with the cool air moving in the ductwork system, there could be dust, pollen or mold, which can be the cause of headaches.

Simple Solution:  Call us.  It is not too late to have your HVAC unit serviced this summer. Our qualified HVAC technicians will inspect, repair, and clean your HVAC unit, ensuring that cool air is the only thing being delivered into your home.

Can air conditioners cause headaches?  Yes, but there can be simple solutions.  With that being said, if you have tried all of the simple solutions you can think of and you are still experiencing headaches, it may be worth investing other headache triggers.