Bypass Humidifiers vs Power Humidifiers

Air quality in your home is directly related to the humidity level within your walls.  Low humidity causes discomfort, itchy skin, and can irritate allergy and asthma symptoms.  On the opposite side, high humidity causes too much moisture and increases the possibility of mold.  The solution: Whole Home Humidifiers.  Like most things related to your home, you have options.  Let’s take a closer look at Bypass Humidifiers vs Power Humidifiers.

Bypass Humidifier

  • Definition: A bypass humidifier is installed directly on your central heating and cooling system.  Water vapor is created by the humidifier using water from the plumbing system mixed with warm air from the heat duct.  This moisture is then distributed into each room of your home through the ductwork system.  The humidity levels are monitored by a humidistat and can be adjusted as needed.
  • Pros:  Convenient.  Has constant water supply from plumbing system and does not require cleaning and disinfecting outside of annual maintenance.
  • Cons:  There aren’t many cons with bypass humidifier systems.  Because it is the most common type of whole home humidifier and low installation costs at Blue Heating and Cooling, there is really no reason to live without one.

Power Humidifier

  • Definition:  A power humidifier is essentially the same as a bypass humidifier at the basic component level in addition to having a “power” fan.  The power humidifier fan forces air across the water panel to produce more humidity than a bypass humidifier.  Minimal electricity is used and does not require a bypass duct to operate.  Humidity levels are monitored by a humidistat and can be adjusted as needed.
  • Pros:  More efficient and can be installed in smaller spaces.  Works great for homes without basements, homes built on concrete slabs, or with an HVAC system located in a small space.
  • Cons:  Slightly more expensive, but is still affordable and also has low installation costs.

As you can see, there aren’t too many differences between bypass humidifiers vs power humidifiers.  The benefits of a professional grade whole home humidifier not only lie with your health but also your pocket book; increased moisture in the air allows you to feel warmer with a lower thermostat setting.  Our qualified Kansas City HVAC technicians are here to help you decide which whole home humidifier, bypass humidifier vs power humidifier, is right for your home, your air quality, and your health.